Why Donate?

The Center for Math and Science Education (CMSE), the College of Science, the College of Education and Human Development, and the aggieTEACH program believe that training and retaining high quality STEM teachers must be a top priority for our country. Training our next generation of math and science teachers is important, but just as important as training is providing a wealth of support for graduates of our teacher preparation programs.

Support for STEM teacher preparation programs and STEM teacher retention programs at TAMU is made possible by the generous annual donations of former students, Aggie parents, other active supporters of the Aggie Network, and private donors.

Texas A&M out produces all other Texas institutions of higher education in university trained secondary STEM teachers by more than 2 to 1.

While we are committed to maintaining our leadership in the state in STEM teacher production, we want to grow our pipeline, increase opportunity for current students, and support our graduates. This is possible only with contributions from generous donors since the state of Texas does not provide fiscal resources for our STEM teacher preparation program.

We create enriching, educational and professional-growth opportunities for current STEM pre-service teachers.

We believe the key to successful STEM teaching is to get STEM pre-service teachers the most field experience possible while at Texas A&M University. Offering current aggieTEACH students financial support, creating programs where aggieTEACH students reach out to middle and high school students and share the excitement of teaching in the STEM fields, providing aggieTEACH students summer internships with STEM companies, and offering support for aggieTEACH graduates during their induction year are all ways we can fulfill our vision.

Invest in aggieTEACH

Investing in aggieTEACH is investing in the future of Texas education. The importance of quality STEM teaching is at an all time high and the only way to increase the number, and quality, of STEM teachers is to provide real, rich, rigorous, and motivational programs.

If you would like to invest in the future of Texas STEM education by supporting STEM teacher preparation at Texas A&M University, please contact Dr. Tim Scott, Associate Provost in the Office of Student Success at t-scott@tamu.edu or call (979) 845-4016.

Jennifer WhitfieldaggieTEACH – Why Donate?